Special Effects Printing

Bringing you the latest in printing technology, the Xerox® Iridesse Production Press has revolutionised the digital print world for printing with special effects. Streamlining a product that once would have take weeks to turnaround, the digital press can now achieve in one pass.In addition to Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK), the Iridesse Press comes with 4 additional options for ink: Gold, Silver, White and Clear.

How does it work?

With 2 additional colour units to CMYK, our new press technology enables the ability to print metallic colours, white ink and clear ink. With high-end digital print used increasingly for short run marketing collateral, this opens the door for high impact design without the cost of an offset printer.

The Iridesse has the capability to print the specialty colours on either the top layer or bottom layer of your design. Meaning you will have the ability to print 6 dry inks in one pass. You can learn more about the Xerox® Iredesse Production Press here. 

Gold Ink Printing
Silver Ink Printing
White Ink Printing
Clear Ink Printing