Saddle Stitch

Two silver staples attaching folded sheets of paper nested within one another, the binding always requires a number of pages divisible of 4.

Half Canadian Wire Bound

Similar to wire binding however the cover is printed as a front and back cover spread with a spine. Half Canadian wiro publications can sit on a bookshelf showing a spine title.


Many universities require case bound record copies from PHD graduates. Bytes’n Colours provide this whether single copy or multiple.

Each university has specific formatting requirements. It is important that this compliance is checked prior to submitting for print. We can make the path to print easy for you.

Wire Bound

Individual pages punched along one edge with a wire inserted to hold all pages in place. Wire colours available include: Silver, Bronze, Black and White.

PUR (Perfect Binding)

PUR binding sometimes know as perfect binding is when the inner pages are glued to the cover creating a paperback book.


Whether for clubs, family, business promotion or artists / photographers, Bytes’n Colours can build you customised high quality calendars at a price comparable to shop bought versions. Great as fund raiser, family or corporate gifts.


Known as hard cover binding, we offer short run case binding in a range of Buckram cloth colours or as Paper Laminated Cases.

  • Paper Laminated Cases (PLC)  carry a full colour laminated image over the entire cover.
  • Buckram Cloth Cases are wrapped in cloth with gold, silver or white text on spine and cover.

Cases are hand-made and are offered as an option for small run additional copies when doing a soft cover book print run.