Short run printing is very much a concept of digital printing. Unlike traditional printing, digital printing does not require films, plates, make ready etc. These upfront costs mean that a large number of pages needed to be printed before these upfront costs could be amortized. In the digital print world, we are ready to print the final work from the first few pages.

For this reason, whether we are printing business cards, postcards, brochures or books and reports, short run printing means low quantities. Often people ask, what is the minimum quantities they can order. Invariably the response is one. If needed, clients could order only one copy if they wanted. Furthermore, each copy could be different with personalised content, variable stock etc.

Our state of the art presses offer a number of additional inks to the traditional Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black such as White, Gold, Silver and Clear check out our Iridesse press for more detail. Coated, uncoated, textured, transparent can be fed through the press from 70gsm to 400gsm. Sheet sizes vary from 330mm wide to up to 1200mm long.

Bytes n Colours also offers a range of finishing including Saddlestitching, Perfect Binding (PUR), Wirebinding, Celloglazing, Foiling and more. . .

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